ASC Winton Round 6 Saturday Wrap Up

Racing is tough

Solid proof today just how tough racing can be. Race 1 saw Cal caught in an incident at turn 2 which sent him down hard on his right shoulder and the bike into the air fence. Medical initially suspected a broken collarbone so he was carted off to hospital at Wangaratta for x-rays. Fortunately the shoulder had only dislocated and he was given medical clearance to ride again tomorrow. A huge thanks to Mal and Phil for working their butts off to get his bike back together and ready to go in case he made it back for the last race.

Jay set a blistering pace in the restarted race one on his Race Center FD-02 shod Yamaha YZF R6. Leading the race till mid way through the second last lap with a 0.9 second gap when he lost the front in the high speed left hander. He went down hard injuring his wrist, the bike fell victim to the Winton kerbs flipping and cartwheeling and suffering some fairly significant damage as well.

The team worked hard getting Jays second bike set up for race two and Jay pushed through the pain barrier to finish the day in 5th place. A stellar effort and some great racing from Jay particularly in the last race.

Great to see the pace both the boys have got this weekend. Fingers crossed they’ll have some better luck on Sunday.

Better news from Pro Twins F1

Some much better news for the Race Center crew with a farggin deluxe performance by Matty “Stretch” Fyffe and Jimmy “Lotta Laps” Arnold. The pair finishing in first and second in the Pro Twins F1 class.

The Fyffenator narrowly edged out Jim by 4 points over the combined results from 3 races. Both fella’s put in a stunning performance particularly in the last race with both Jim and Fyffey dipping into the 1:27’s. Unfortunately neither of them have any proof due to a Computime hiccup. But it did happen!

Great to see Jim finally getting some solid laps on the Panasalami after a horror start to the season and great to see the FD02 kicking goals with both boys. Bring on Sunday and here’s to another great day for the both of them.

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