ASC Round 6 Winton- One Of The Toughest Weeke

ASC Round 6

Round 6 ASC at Winton was one of my toughest weekends of racing yet, 3 crashes, 1 ambulance ride, 2 X-rays soft tissue damage and a dislocated shoulder, although this all sounds poo, I had an awesome weekend, prior to the round I was struggling to lap consistently in the low 31’s and then within 2 laps of Practice 1 I was already under that, and by then end of the day I was down to a 1:28.1 after the Race Center team found a really good set up on the Yamaha YZF-R6, I feel like this was a big step for me as a rider, as developing a flow at tracks like Winton is crucial for a good lap time, it’s a shame I couldn’t back that up for the races but I’m going to work on my recovery so I can get back to full form as soon as possible.

Saturday Race 1, I did an entire corner in race 1, and then got 1/3 of the way around the next after another rider unfortunately stood it up slightly in front of me, hitting my front wheel and sending me towards the wall, the Air fence did an awesome job to save my beautiful YZF-R6 from a sure ending, all my incredible gear held up well, saving me from any damage that would put me out for the weekend, unfortunately I just fell awkwardly and buggered my shoulder in the process, the fairings that started off the weekend as brand new thanks to SignPro and Coburg BodyWorks, are not looking so great now! But they are held together!
I was declared medically unfit for the rest of the day as I’d had to much morphine in my system to safely ride, even though I was 100% sure I could do so.

I went into practice with an aim to find the spots where my shoulder may hurt, so I could work around it as quickly as I could, I did find the spots, but I was comfortable enough to ride through it as I needed to do fast laps.
Race 1 was up and I was determined to make it the full race distance! No crashes involved!
Team mate Jay had a pretty sore wrist aswell after crashing out of the lead early yesterday, Jay and I spent the race with each other only swapping positions twice though as we where never really close enough to make a pass, as we where running very similar pace! I passed him into turn 2 with 2 laps to go but he was able to out break me into turn 11 and come across the line ahead of me by .099.

Race 2 was a little harder for me because of my poor starts, I had to work my way trough other riders and try catch someone running similar pace, but I was unable to do that and I was pretty gutted as I know I had it in me to run a fast pace, I just couldn’t find it.

Race 3 was almost exactly race 2, besides the fact that I played chicken with a magpie, I was happy to win that battle..
We did make changes for this race, making the bike identical to my qualifying set up, again I’m not quite sure why I couldn’t run the faster pace, as it would’ve been nice to dip into the 27’s but I didn’t make it easy for myself starting from the back of the grid every race because of the fixed grids from yesterday’s fastest lap times, which I was unable to finish a lap!

My weekend may sound completely poo, but I’ve left the round happy, I set a new PB, I was having fun and I got to ride motorbikes!!
Massive thanks to all the Race Center crew for their incredible work all weekend, working tirelessly making sure me and the bike where ready for each session, I cannot thank each of them enough. Daz, Mal, Phil, Tony and Dad for all the hard work on the bikes and getting them ready! Jets for the photos and of course Fyffe! He’s traveled from Albury to Goulburn and Winton countless amounts of times, even being our ambulance once, saving Jay and I from certain overdose of 2PAC paint when we went to test at Goulburn!
Thankyou to the team sponsors Blue Gorilla, SignPro, First National Murray bridge,
YRD, Northern Motorcycles, MJF plumbing & excavations, Batteries North, Shades Craftsman,
Ringwood Automotive, GB racing, Outdoor concepts, Megacycle, Coburg Body Works and Screens for bikes.
And also a thankyou to my personal sponsors! Race Center, Yamaha, YRD, BlueGorilla,
Signpro, Arai, Dainese, Cassons, Speed Angle, MotoTrack Accessories and Jed Metcher!!!


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