BCperformance and MSC Moto collaboration

The trials and tribulations of competing in the Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike Championship has taught the staff at BCperformance quite a few things, one of which is an area that the Ninja 300’s are lacking – suspension. The available emulator kits for the little Ninja’s just weren’t cutting the mustard for the team’s riders, Paul Young and Jimmy Broadbent so we went in search of other options. This is when we got in touch with the team at MSC Moto, a small company well known for their quality components and engineering solutions. Armed with the knowledge of what we needed and the faith that MSC would be able to design the components needed to solve the problem, we left the tricky bits up to them. Safe to say they certainly came up with the goods!

To touch on MSC Moto a little further, the company started some twenty years ago when Mark Cumming was told he wouldn’t be able to make a steering damper. I’ll give you one guess whether he succeeded or not! The business started as a minor hobby but quickly grew into the business you see today, with CNC machines and talented staff. Every single one of their products is manufactured in the workshop on the Central Coast with the latest in CNC machining technology, lathes, EDM and injection moulding machines. The most critical part of MSC Moto though, is that it is founded, run and staffed by people who live, eat and breathe motorcycles so it isn’t just a job – they’re building products they use themselves. Because of that, every product goes through rigorous testing by the staff on their own bikes before any kind of production is commenced – if the product cannot stand up to a constant thrashing by Mark or his son, Vaughan, then is doesn’t deserve to carry the MSC Moto logo. From there, the products are further tested by professional riders at the highest levels of competition and if it passes that final test, only then will a new product be available for sale.

The SA Kawasaki BCperformance Superbike rider, Ben Burke tested out MSC Moto’s latest steering damper on his ZX-10R at the most recent round at Winton, scoring very credible results. With the damper fitted, it gave Ben significantly more control over his bike whenever it decided to attempt to shake its head. The aforementioned suspension issues with the Ninja 300 suspension were also solved after MSC Moto was tasked with building a suspension valve to fit inside the forks. Vaughan Cumming’s design and machining skills proved invaluable as he produced separate rebound and compression valves, rendering the little Ninja’s suspension extremely capable. With a MSC Moto FGS Valve kit in each leg, the units allowed the riders to head out on track to do some initial testing. The team’s 300 riders, Paul Young and Jimmy Broadbent both praised the units highly. In between testing sessions, the shim stacks on each unit were adjusted to each rider’s tastes, resulting in Jimmy finishing the weekend with some of his best results all year, while Paul absolutely dominated each race and putting himself in a position to seal the Ninja 300 Cup title at the final round in Sydney.

The most brilliant and innovative products are always born in the fire pit of racing, where the need to be just that little bit better, that little bit faster or that little bit smoother can be the edge that win races, titles and championships. The collaboration between BCperformance and MSC Moto can only mean good things, with one brilliant achievement already notched up. We very much welcome MSC Moto on board, knowing with absolute certainty the two entities will benefit the other greatly, and cannot wait to work on the next project with the team at MSC.


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