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Competitor Information for Rd1 of the QR-FX including Race Your Mates,

Rd1 QR-FX Rider List Provisional Rider List
Garage Allocation
Saturday Practice Schedule
Sunday Schedule

Please be aware that the Country Music Festival is on at the dragway, there may be diversions in place for these punters please ensure that you explain to the personnel at these diversions that you are going to Queensland Raceway.

Saturday Practice:
Sign On: From 10.30am in the Cafe, all riders will be required to show picture ID eg: Civil driving licence
Scrutineering: This year we have introduced self machine scrutineering for the QR-FX classes, please present the completed Scrutineering Checklist form when you sign on, you will be given a frame sticker to apply to your bike. 
Click here for Scrutineering Checklist
Your riding gear will still need to be inspected & scrutineered prior to your first session.
Garaging: Competitors are invited to set up in their allocated garage from 10.30am on Saturday. Competitors will be able to leave their bikes in overnight, I will email out the garage allocation on Thursday.
Please let me know if there is any other competitors you would like to be garaged with.
Rider's Briefing: Compulsory Rider's Briefing for all rider's in Briefing room (located base of the control tower) at 12.30.

Gates open at 7am.
Sign on in the Queensland Office will be from 7.30am for those competitors who did not attend the Saturday Practice, these riders will be required to show picture ID eg: Civil driving licence
Compulsory Rider's Briefing 8.15 will be in the Briefing room.
Tyre Service: Champions will be at the Circuit on Sunday morning.

Presentation: All riders, family & crew are invited to the round trophy presentation with BBQ & free drinks approx 20 minutes after racing.


Thank you for your support & See you at the track.

Gloria & Terry

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