Competitor Info for Rd2 Hi-Tec Oils AFXC

Competitor Information for Round 2 of the 2017 Hi-Tec Oils Australian FX-Superbike Championship and the first round of the QLD state based Dunlop Super Series at Queensland Raceway on the 27 - 29 April
Entries are still open please call Gloria 0408241401 to arrange an entry form.
Access on Thursday:  will be from 4:00 - 8pm 
Garage Allocation: 
Click here for printer friendly copy Rd2 Garage Allocation

If you are in a shared garage, please do not place your own lock on the garage as it makes it difficult for your fellow competitor to access the garage. These garages will be locked and unlocked by ARTRP personnel.Gates will open at 6.30am Friday, with the Race Office opening at 7am.
Garage Allocation posted below.

Click on link below for:
2018 Friday Schedule
2018 Saturday Schedule
2018 Sunday Schedule
**Please check the schedule that is available each morning at the track from the Race Secretary's Office for any updates.
Final Instructions.
Rd2 Final Instructions
Dear Competitor,
If you could please come to sign on with all of your paperwork filled in then we will be able to process you quickly,  at Round 1 last year it took around 3 minutes to serve riders who had to complete the forms at the counter compared to less than a minute for those who had all of the paperwork filled in. Friday's practice sessions will be timed & transmitters will be collected at Sign on.
Timing Transmiter Hire - Credit Card Deposit slip 
Self Scrutineering Check List (Targeted) for those competitors who have entered on a bike that has previously been entered & scrutineered at on of our events.

Please note all competitors are to have completed the RACERS personal accident form if you have not already returned it please complete this form present it when you sign on RACERS Personal Accident Cover Form
  Access on Thursday will be from 4pm the main gate will be locked at 8 pm.
If you are in a shared garage, please do not place your own lock on the garage as it makes it difficult for your fellow competitor to access the garage. These garages will be locked and unlocked by ARTRP personnel.
If you have a whole garage, garage keys are available from the Queensland Raceway Admin office from 4pm to 5pm** Please note this office will close promptly at 5pm on Thursday and will reopen 8am Friday  a $20 cash key deposit will be required.
  B5 N/A   A5  
  Robbie Bugden Yannis Shaw Firewall
24, 333   SBK
  B10   Grant Davis Ryan Sellen A10 98, 23 SSP
  B11   Scott Champan Cam Shaw Tim Griffith A11 371AM 66 (400) 18 FX
  B12   Brendan McIntyre Wayne Williams A12 2 SBK 94 FX
  B13   Chris Quinn Chris Quinn A13 82 SBK
  B14   Anthony Quinn, Anthony Quinn A14 58 SSP
  B15   Christian Carroll, Stephanie Redman A15 41 Foz 49 SSP
92 88 AM B16
Noel Mahon Daniel McCartin Hamish McMurray Sam Hopner              Kai Cummins A16
33 FX            49, 407 (400)
  Brett Kitchin Brett Kitchin Firewall
55 SBK
3 4 Foz D2 Gary Keller Gary Keller Dwayne Town Mark Woolford Brett Harpur E2 57 17 Foz
35 14 Foz 38 (400) D3 Aaron Smith Mike Fairley Clark Gaddes  Michael Witchard Joel Rhodes Di Jones E3 85, 81, 71 Foz
55 46 AM D4 Matt Franco Robbie Tesoriero Somphot Roesner Con Kokkoris,   Con Kokkoris E4 53 Foz           404 SBK Pro
43 21 (400) D5 Keo Watson Keo Watson  Jarred Brook Carlos Rendon Mark Nassif Mark Nassif E5 36 SBK 65 Foz
58 21 (400) D6 Mitch Kuhne Mitch Kuhne Jarred Brook Simon Rees                                  Hayden Spinks Hayden Spinks E6 322 2 SSP
90 SBK      410 (400) D7 Shane Irwin Ryan Dadd Ryan Yanko, Ryan Yanko  Craig Clark E7 182 SBK Pro  67 FX
96 65 61 AM Pro D8 Brian Bolster Trent Thomson Trent Thomson Nick Marsh, Lee Appleby  E8 15 Pro Foz
16AM 528Foz 135(400) D9 Dave Wilson Chris Day Lionel Bennett Luke Ruckley Lee Appleby E9 87 Pro 119 Foz
5  412 AM D10 Oscar Davidson Garth Graves Dean Hasler Roger Burman    Michael Edwards E10 217SBK 510Foz 37 SBK
316 AM 41(400) D11 Jason Brown Jaryd Cooper John Stamnas Andrew Thompson E11 10 FX 12 SBK
41 SSP D12 Max Croker Max Croker Brendan Watson Brendan Watson    Kurt Johns E12 85 NB (400)  355 (400)
54 42 198 (400) D13 Jason Whitehead Kyle O'Connell           Damien Langford Julie Klinker Andrew Edser Andrew Edser E13 92 (400)       305 (400 AM)
31 (400) 18 12 Pro D14 Andy Staig Bill Birdsey Stean Walsh Aaron Breese Adrian Pelegrin E14 58 Pro 67 Pro AM
3 NB 88 Pro D15 Adrian Pierpoint James Robinson  Callum Barker Brian Houghton E15 3, 17 SSP
23, 40, 327 (400) D16
Grant Jordan Robert Penman Craig White  Bridgestone Tyres E16



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