Competitor Info for Round 1 of the AFXC

Competitor Information for Round 1 of the 2017 Hi-Tec Oils Australian FX-Superbike Championship at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 9-11 March.
Entries are still open please call Gloria 0408241401 to arrange an entry form.
Access on Thursday:  will be from 3:00 - 3.15pm for larger transporters all competitors will be required to leave the ciruit by 7.30pm.
Garage Allocation: 
Rd1 Garage Allocation - printe friend version. Allocation also listed below

If you are in a shared garage, please do not place your own lock on the garage as it makes it difficult for your fellow competitor to access the garage. These garages will be locked and unlocked by ARTRP personnel.Gates will open at 6.30am Friday, with the Race Office opening at 6.45am.

Click on link below for:
2018 Friday Schedule
2018 Saturday Schedule
2018 Sunday Schedule
**Please check the schedule that is available each morning at the track from the Race Secretary's Office for any updates.
Final Instructions.
Rd1 Final Instructions
Dear Competitor,
If you could please come to sign on with all of your paperwork filled in then we will be able to process you quickly,  at Round 1 last year it took around 3 minutes to serve riders who had to complete the forms at the counter compared to less than a minute for those who had all of the paperwork filled in. Friday's practice sessions will be timed & transmitters will be collected at Sign on.
Timing Transmiter Hire - Credit Card Deposit slip 
Self Scrutineering Check List (Targeted) for those competitors who have entered on a bike that has previously been entered & scrutineered at on of our events.

Please note all competitors are to have completed the RACERS personal accident form if you have not already returned it please complete this form present it when you sign on RACERS Personal Accident Cover Form
      RACE CONTROL    
  Thursday access from 3pm gates will close 7.30pm Rider #
  1 SBK B McIntyre B McIntyre 2
  2 F OzA B Kitchin   55
        B Kitchin  
P 3 F Oz S Spicak M Anderson 42,73
I       W Steuart 72
T 4 FX  D Wong D Ayash 11
    F Oz   S Rossini 25
L 5 SBK C Carroll C Carroll 41
A   SSP S Redman S Redman 49
N 6 SBK C Quinn C Quinn 82
E   SSP A Quinn A Quinn 58
  7 SBK A Thompson A Thompson 12
    SBK S Galloway S Galloway 46
  8 Am B Glennan J Case 39,48
    Pro C Masters   21
  9 SSP   S Rees 48,322
    F Oz M Nassif M Nassif 65
  10 SBK C Rendon   36
        C Rendon  
  11 F Oz M Witchard P Baker 85,79
    F Oz D Jones   71
  12 SBK,F Oz C Kokkoris C Kokkoris 404,91
    SBK S Roesner S Barbacetto 53, 91
  13 FOZ M Woolford B Harpur 57,17
    FOZ B Colpan   80
  14 SBK, F Oz M Edwards R Burman 37, 510
        D Hasler 217
  15 SBK, F Oz T Griffith B Burch 18,48
    F Oz   A DeBakker 76
P 16 F Oz P Burke   162
I   AM, 400 S Chapman C Shaw 371, 66
T 17 SBK S Lambert S Lambert 54
    SBK Y Shaw Y Shaw 333
L 18 SSP G Davis G Davis 98
A   SSP R Sellen R Sellen 23
N 19 Pro F Oz N Marsh N Marsh 15
E   Pro F Oz L Ruckley L Ruckely 87
  20 F Oz O Ironside O Ironside 62
    F Oz L Appleby L Appleby 119
  21 PRO,400 B Watson J Klinker 85,92
    400 K Johns   335
  22 SSP 400 A Edser A Edser 305
    Pro  A Breese   58


    Thursday access from 3pm gates will close 7.30pm  
  26 SBK,400 H McMurray S Hopner 33,49
    400 K Cummins   407
  27 SBK Pro R Yanko R Yanko 182
    SBK F Oz C Clark   67
  28 Pro S Walsh B Birdsey 12, 18
    Pro A Smith   35
  29 SSP L Gilding L Gilding 71
    SSP B Malouf   28
  30 SSP H Spinks H Spinks 2
    AM B Ernst   26
  31 Pro,Am A Hend A Pelegrin 58,67
    Am H Kinman   171
  32 Am M Melena M Melena 93
    Am B Lumb   101
  33 Xtreme G McCarthy G McCarthy 101
    Am M Labrooy   333
  34 Am N Mahon C Harbour 92,70
    Am D McCartin   88
  35 Am R Tesoriero R Tesoriero 46
    Am R Gullotta R Gullotta 127
  36 Am M Franco   55
        M Franco  
  37 SSP M Croker M Croker 41
      M Croker M Croker  
  41 Am,Pro B Bolster T Thompson 22,77
    400   T Thompson 77
  42 Pro,400 K Corcoran K Corcoran 63
    Am G Mudie   75
  43 400 A Staig R De Lambert 31, 17
    FOZ C Deering   54
  44 FOZ M Jeffery M Jeffery 53
P     M Jeffery M Jeffery 53
I 45 400 K Watson   43
T       J Whitehead 54
  46 400 R Dadd   410
L       N Venby 141
A 47 400 M Kuhne M Kunhe 58
N   SSP      
E 48 FX S Irwin S Irwin 90
  49 400 C Gaddes   38
    F Oz   M Fairley 14
  50 SSP C Barker C Barker 3
    SSP B Houghton B Houghton 17
      PIT EXIT    


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