Rd1 of the Queensland Based Series.

The 4-round Queensland Dunlop Super Series kicks off at Qld Raceway from the 27th to 29th of this month.

This round of the Queensland championship will be run in conjunction with the Hi-Tec Oils AFXC round. The 4 round Dunlop Super Series is aimed at Queenslanders who only want to race in their home state.

The two series while racing together are separately point scored. While several classes like Superbike and Supersport run control tyres other classes like AM-Sport 600 and Formula Oz which caters mainly for 1000cc sports bike do not and have open tyre rules.

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    Friday (optional practice day) each class receives 5 sessions. Saturday 1 x 15 minute qualifying & 3 races. Sunday 1 warm up session & 3 races, please see Sup Regs below for more information.

Current MA competition licences are accepted, however MA Licence holders are required to purchase a RACERS Clubman licence (1 event $20 or $65 annual which if you are competing in each round will save you $15). The RACERS Clubman Licence provides personal accident insurance cover for the event.
2018 SERIES SUP REGS Updated 9.2.18
Want to register your riding number for the series?  click on the link below.
2018 AFX Rider Number Registration Form ...... 2018 Registered Rider Numbers
2018 Rider Profile for commentators
2018 - Class Rules
Please find below the homolgated tyre information for 400 Supersport Class.
All Tracks Dry:
110/70R17 Alpha 13 SP
140/70R17 Alpha 13 SP
150/60R17 Alpha 13 SP
110/70R17 KR191 WA
140/65R17 KR389 WA
Click here for information regarding ordering for Dunlop tyres

Bridgestone & Mitas

110/70HR17 RS10     $140
140/70HR17 RS10     $200
150/60HR17 RS10     $210
110/70HR17 R11    $160
140/70HR17 R11     $200
150/60HR17 R11    $200
110/590R17 W01 YEK  $170  (WET)
140/620R17 W01 YEK $230 (WET)

110/70ZR17 SPORTFORCE PLUS   $140
150/60ZR17 SPORTFORCE PLUS   $200
110/70H17 MC50 RACER SOFT    $120
140/70H17 MC50 RACER SOFT    $160

Click here for information regarding ordering for Bridgestone & Mitas tyres

110/17R  17 54H TL Diablo Rossi 2
140/70 17R 17 66H TL Diablo Rossi 2
110/70 17R  17 54W TL Diablo Rossi 3
150/60 17R 17 66W TL Diablo Rossi 3

120/70R NHS TL Diablo Rain SCR1
140/70R NHS TL Diablo Rain SCR1

We would like to thank all of the competitors for their support.

For further information regarding the series please call Gloria on 02 4981 2315 or Terry 0419448452 during business hours.

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